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VP Waste offers many different sizes, styles, and options available

  • Sizes 3 to 8 cubic yards
  • Flat or Sloped Top
  • Emptied from as often as every day or on an on-call basis
  • Bearproof options available
  • Containers for Cardboard Recycling


Flat Top Style

Manufactured in sizes from 2-6 cubic yards, these containers come with spring assisted steel lids with hinged bar which locks the lids down which make them animal-proof. This type of lid helps in our efforts to support the Town of Golden’s initiative to make all commercial containers, containing attractants, animal-proof. Our flat top containers also are available without a lid for construction/renovation use only.


While the Flat Style Container is appropriate for all applications, it is a favorite of commercial and industrial customers especially for those who have a dock loading application.


Sloped Style

Manufactured in 4-8 cubic yard, its unique slant design provides a lower entry point that makes disposal an easier task for you and your employees. These also come with spring assisted steel lids with a lockable hinged bar to keep the lids down at night. If you container is used 24hrs a day we also have sloped containers which are constantly animal proof with smaller lids inset for ease of use.


Slant or sloped containers, which are appropriate for all applications, tend to be favored by apartment buildings, retail outlets, schools, recreational facilities, fast-food chains, and restaurants.


Container Dimensions

  • 2 yard – 84” Width x 40” height x 40” Depth
  • 3 yard - 84" Width x 51" Height x 48" Depth
  • 4 yard - 84" Width x 51" Height x 57" Depth
  • 6 yard (Sloped) - 84" Width x 66" Height x 72" Depth
  • 6 yard - 84" Width x 60" Height x 66" Depth
  • 8 yard - 84" Width x 84" Height x 68" Depth


Cardboard Containers

All of our cardboard containers are originally flat top containers which have been modified with either a cardboard side in the front of it, or by special attachments put in the lid. These containers can only accept Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC).


Animal Proof Containers

We have worked with the Town of Golden to create new bylaws to reduce the amount of animal incidences involving garbage. Our dedication to the cleanliness of the community, and the safety of animals, especially bears, has prompted us to make sure that all of our new containers given to customers are animal proof. We are excited to be taken the right steps to create a mess-free community.


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